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dkumani Apr 7 '15
What type of family values did your parents teach you? Were they spiritual values? My family taught me Universal values and spiritual values that helped and harmed me. I was raised by a military father most of my life with "christian values" I think it kept me grounded but provided curiosity of the real world and spiritual world. I felt something was not right and these christian values seem fake and phony. As I became an adult I created my own values that catered to me and my current family. Do what's best for you and your family despite of your previous programming.
Dexter1 Jun 5 '15
Interesting look dkumani. I was raised like most of us on Christianity. Something always seemed off dealing with the religion from a very young age. Like you as I became older more clarity set in over time. I think it functions fine for those who really need it, but spirituality seems to more natural then organized religions. In my opinion.
LrdAsr Mar 3 '16
I feel where the both of you are coming from. There are many people waking up to similar conclusions. I bet the Western world never thought the information/telecommunication age would deal such a death blow to its culture. If it wasn't for Black and Brown people, I think Christian dogma would've perished along time ago. It's crazy how Whites are  now adopting everything they were just condemning not too long ago (meditation, "animism," wholistic healing, yoga, etc.) in order to convert the world to Christianity, while most of us are sick, mentally and physically, for remaining loyal to organized religion! Sadly, to most Blacks, yoga and universal spirituality is a White thing. 

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