4 Ways Your Lifestyle Kills Your Love from redpilll's blog


1. You’re not prepared to live how you want to receive.

You're single and you have a laundry list of qualities you want from your next partner, including things like financial stability, emotional balance, lots of smarts, good health and even spirituality. These are not impossible things to find in one person, but the reason it seems rare is because these people are in environments or circles that suit them best. So if you haven’t made similar life choices, then you have to ask yourself, ‘How you are ever going run into these people?’

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2. Your Lifestyle and Love Needs are not your own!


Reality T.V., friends, movies, lifestyle magazines; they’re all in our heads giving us subliminal impressions of what the perfect relationship should look like and feel to us. The results leave us chasing romantic ideals that aren’t are own and worse still, totally unrealistic. To know what you need from a relationship versus what you think you want, you have to listen to yourself. Sounds easy doesn’t it? But decades of influenced thinking creates thought patterns so deep that it literally takes a change of conscious decision making to reverse the damage. It is definitely worth the effort as you’ll get to know what you authentically want when it comes to love.


3. You Have No Idea What You want.


Not knowing what you want is a symptom of an even greater social issue – You don’t who you are. It’s an identity thing. You’re not 100% sure of what you identify with and as a result find it hard to know which direction in life or lifestyle suits you. This of course impacts everything from career choices to spirituality and yes your relationship choices! Identity searching happens when no one can give you answers to your deepest questions, so you start looking inside yourself. This is your voyage of self-discovery, you’re coming of age. You leave without a map, and came back knowing the world and what you want from it – including the type of person you need to spend the rest of your life with.


4. You think you don’t need anyone.


This is a modern issue. Fractured families, broken communities as well as careers, products and entertainment all blow-up our sense of individualism and the idea that we can do better on our own, but nothing could be further from the truth! We are social beings, genetically designed to interact with each other for our health, wealth emotional balance and success in life. It’s been scientifically proven that the right relationships in our life boost our health, life span, cognitive functions and ability to create success. All those things come easier with teamwork which has no “I”, and you’ll also note neither does that all important word ‘Love.’

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