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Relationship resumes are just about the hottest thing in dating right now. You can’t find them everywhere. We have them and ours are great. Probably the greatest thing about them is that YOU don’t put it together. We do that for you, and there’s a good reason for that!

Come to #MeetMyTypes: The Matchmaking Event For Conscious Singles on 11.18 Atlanta. #MEETMYTYPES will breakdown the true science of love and introduce you to your most compatible love interests on the spot!

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When you construct a resume, you’re aiming to put your best foot forward and make the brightest surface impression. And when you get the job, you can smile all the way through without anyone ever knowing who you really are on a deeper level. This surface approach is obviously no good if you’re seeking a meaningful relationship, yet the dating profiles that we fill in online are just as superficial and filled in with pretty much the same empty facts that look good on paper but say nothing on who we really are.


Enter the Relationship Resume from #MeetMyTypes! It’s unique, it’s surprisingly in-depth and covers areas like your first date preferences, sexual energy, love language and more, but the biggest deal is that we only need to ask you three short and simple questions to get this information. No team of intruding specialists and no $100’s of dollars in fees!!!


Find out more about Relationship Resumes at AfrocentricSoulmates.com and if you’re in Atlanta you will have access to our relationship resume ‘swap meet’ where based on your resume, we pick six candidates who match the ‘Love Type’ on your resume, introduce them to you and leave you free to talk and swap resumes so that you can see how good our match made picks are for you! And if you don’t agree, you get into our next matchmaking event absolutely free to meet ANOTHER six of your ‘Love Types!’


We call the event #MeetMyTypes and the next one is on Nov 18th.  We have limited spots for 24 males and 24 females, and only a few tickets left so you and you friends better get cracking!

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1. You’re not prepared to live how you want to receive.

You're single and you have a laundry list of qualities you want from your next partner, including things like financial stability, emotional balance, lots of smarts, good health and even spirituality. These are not impossible things to find in one person, but the reason it seems rare is because these people are in environments or circles that suit them best. So if you haven’t made similar life choices, then you have to ask yourself, ‘How you are ever going run into these people?’

Come to #MeetMyTypes: The Matchmaking Event For Conscious Singles on 11.18 Atlanta. #MEETMYTYPES will breakdown the true science of love and introduce you to your most compatible love interests on the spot!

Spaces are Limited. Get Your Tickets Now at - www.AfrocentricSoulMates.com 


2. Your Lifestyle and Love Needs are not your own!


Reality T.V., friends, movies, lifestyle magazines; they’re all in our heads giving us subliminal impressions of what the perfect relationship should look like and feel to us. The results leave us chasing romantic ideals that aren’t are own and worse still, totally unrealistic. To know what you need from a relationship versus what you think you want, you have to listen to yourself. Sounds easy doesn’t it? But decades of influenced thinking creates thought patterns so deep that it literally takes a change of conscious decision making to reverse the damage. It is definitely worth the effort as you’ll get to know what you authentically want when it comes to love.


3. You Have No Idea What You want.


Not knowing what you want is a symptom of an even greater social issue – You don’t who you are. It’s an identity thing. You’re not 100% sure of what you identify with and as a result find it hard to know which direction in life or lifestyle suits you. This of course impacts everything from career choices to spirituality and yes your relationship choices! Identity searching happens when no one can give you answers to your deepest questions, so you start looking inside yourself. This is your voyage of self-discovery, you’re coming of age. You leave without a map, and came back knowing the world and what you want from it – including the type of person you need to spend the rest of your life with.


4. You think you don’t need anyone.


This is a modern issue. Fractured families, broken communities as well as careers, products and entertainment all blow-up our sense of individualism and the idea that we can do better on our own, but nothing could be further from the truth! We are social beings, genetically designed to interact with each other for our health, wealth emotional balance and success in life. It’s been scientifically proven that the right relationships in our life boost our health, life span, cognitive functions and ability to create success. All those things come easier with teamwork which has no “I”, and you’ll also note neither does that all important word ‘Love.’

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Matchmaking, when it comes to relationships, has always been about one thing and one thing only – the preservation of wealth.


Historically that wealth would have typically been family land, a Royal lineage, or the joining of family businesses. Thus, the role of a matchmaker was to match singles that would best fulfill the wealth aims of all involved. So how much has changed with today’s matchmaking?


Today, we are all certainly more individualized when it comes to who we want to marry but the preservation of our wealth is still very important, especially when we can know what our wealth is. Think about the following types of wealth you may possess and the types of partners you may look for to preserve it:

  • Mental wealth – We’ll look for someone to learn more from or someone we can study with

  • Monetary wealth – We’ll look for someone who can help us earn more or save it

  • Spiritual wealth – We’ll look for someone who we can spiritually tune in to, or who has compatible lifestyle practices

  • Emotional wealth – We’ll look for someone who can match and return our emotional resources

Realistically, any of us can and will find our own romantic matches, but there are two main advantages to using a matchmaker:

  1. Matchmakers are immune to the emotional pressures of loneliness, desperation or the infatuation that can be experienced when seeking a partner

  2. Good matchmakers are skilled at analyzing your needs from wants and will bring the right minded matches to you instead of you trying to figure it all out on your own

Because of today’s fast paced society, matchmakers have gained popularity, especially among high rollers who can afford the thousands in fees for personal and well vetted matches to be delivered to them.


If you’re have having issues finding someone ‘on your level’ when it comes to your type of wealth or you’ve grown tired of the hook ups, then matchmaking, even on a budget, is a superb alternative for you finding what you seek romantically, minus the hassle, let downs or time-wasting of serial dating without a purpose.


Come to #MeetMyTypes: The Matchmaking Event For Conscious Singles on 11.18 Atlanta. #MEETMYTYPES will breakdown the true science of love and introduce you to your most compatible love interests on the spot!

Spaces are Limited. Get Your Tickets Now at - www.AfrocentricSoulMates.com 

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  1. His Purpose. Some men have a sense of fulfilling a destiny that benefits the greater good of the world. It is this purpose that makes this brother happy, so they commit to that purpose and that purpose alone. This doesn’t mean that they don’t want you in their life – it just means their purpose is more important to them. Locking down oneself into a relationship simply isn’t on this brothers M.O. Flexibility, flow and freedom for continual growth form the mantra of this conscious fellow. He lives by the concept of unattached giving and will just as freely move on as he will give of himself.

  2. His Fears. Fear of responsibility or the reliving of past emotional trauma are some of the biggest blockages that are stopping your guy from making a solid commitment. In this case, he simply isn’t ready and may have to be left alone to deal with his concerns. Some women may provide the nurturing support that can ‘raise’ this man, while other women are simply not equipped or experienced enough to guide their man out of his own trenches. It’s okay. If it’s not this man’s time to be with you, it could be someone else’s, but if you make the mistake of holding on because of your own fears, then be prepared to get stuck in an emotional trench of your own making.

  3. His Likes. There’s no nice way of putting this. He’s not into you. Sure, he has sex with you, and eats what you cook and wears the clothes you buy him, but which man off the street wouldn’t do that if you offered it? The question is, is he committed to building a future with you. What you need to be looking for are signs of him giving back. Does he talk about the future with you or include you in his plans? Does he try to form true emotional bridges or does he dodge intimacy? The highest forms of love are mental. If he’s not sharing his mind, you haven’t got him. If this is happening to you, you may have to rethink about who you invest your time, food, money and emotions into.​

  4. His Decision. Women choose their men, but men choose the type of relationship. Many men make up their minds early about the type of relationship they want with you. If your guy has already decided the relationship type and spoken about it, then he’s probably watching and waiting to see your response and if you are truly feeling his vision. This is actually good. He’s not trying to trap you into commitment. Rather, he is waiting to see if you feel as good as he does about the way he wants the both of you to relate to each other. If you don’t, then you’ll both be free to walk away. No harm, no foul.

  5. His Comfort. This ties into number three in a lot of ways. He’s not committing because you are not making him think about it. You’re sleeping with him, housing him, cooking for him, praying for him; why does he need to commit, you’re already giving him the premium package! There has to come a point when you as a woman have to value your own contributions and know what you are getting back in return simply isn’t enough. This doesn’t mean you make every guy you meet sign on the dotted line, but it does mean accepting the men in your life for who and what they are. Being realistic like this will stop you from expecting committed returns on every investment you make. So you either limit your investment to stop the hurt, or start picking a better stock of man – which can take more time, but gives returns like no other.

Come to #MeetMyTypes: The Matchmaking Event For Conscious Singles on 11.18 Atlanta. #MEETMYTYPES will breakdown the true science of love and introduce you to your most compatible love interests on the spot!

Spaces are Limited. Get Your Tickets Now at - www.AfrocentricSoulMates.com 

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I say this to my male clients all the time. If you have a malfunctioning cell phone and you upgrade, you expect to see a drastic change in performance and the way in which it affects your life. And if you don’t, you’ll want your money back or an exchange right? But if a woman brings more value to your life than a cell phone, when you do pick her, shouldn’t the change in your quality of life be even more dramatic and positive?


So guys, if you’re confused about what the right woman should be bringing to your life then here are five pointers to let you know when you have struck gold.

  1. Manifestation. Men never truly know how good life gets until they have the right woman alongside them. She will see you not just for what you are but for everything you can still be within your purpose. And she’ll support because having the right person in your life will actually be a part of her purpose and yours also. The things you both want to achieve in life will naturally run together, so when you both focus on something, it will likely come to powerful fruition.​ 

  2. Peace and balance. Having the right woman in your life will bring more a sense of intense satisfaction and bliss than delirious, hormone filled excitement. Being the Yin to your Yang, she will be able to help you identify and work on the blind spots in your character, which will lead you to better temperament, focus and decision making which will allow you leave the world of restless distractions behind

  3. Freedom. Just being and expressing yourself will make her happiest, which in turn will make you happy which then makes her even happier and you get the idea! Freeing yourself from the burden of ‘supervising’ your partner allows you to understand why beauty is best observed in the wild and not in a cage. You will love to see the free expression of your mate, knowing that she is free to be and do anything she wants in this world, yet she freely chooses to spend her life with you. That’s a great feeling!

  4. Daily inspiration. Having the synchronicity of another mind at your disposal creates a fertile ground for ideas and inspiration. From styles of clothes to new mediation techniques, you’ll always be inspired to explore all that life has to offer with your partner because, ‘everything is better’ when she’s around.

  5. Sense of self. Nothing makes a man feel more like a man than a woman. And a good woman will make a good man even better. This goes back to our Yin and Yang principle. Without a clear reflection, we’ll be unable see or define ourselves for what we really are. But with the right woman as your reflection, you’ll be able to see where the work needs to be done and do it gladly knowing that as you fulfill yourself you’re also reflecting back and fulfilling her at the same time. It’s the perfect win-win for both of you!

Come to #MeetMyTypes: The Matchmaking Event For Conscious Singles on 11.18 Atlanta. #MEETMYTYPES will breakdown the true science of love and introduce you to your most compatible love interests on the spot!

Spaces are Limited. Get Your Tickets Now at - www.AfrocentricSoulMates.com 

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He reads.

Although everyone’s definition of Afrocentricity may vary, one thing is for sure - consciousness is at work! A brother who has taken authentic time out to research and redefine himself and his purpose in line with his heritage is a smart and amazing thing in this day and age.


He loves natural!

From hair, to foods, to bodies, to love – true Afrocentric men strive to tune into nature in the tradition of their heritage. Nothing wins against nature. There is no stronger collection of forces in this world. A man who aligns himself with nature is a winner.


He knows what you are.

Afrocentric men know that women are the gateway through which happiness, success, justice, material gain and knowledge come to this world. So when you hear a sincere Afrocentric brother call you a Queen or a Goddess – it’s more than just face value, it’s what they actually know the Afrocentric woman to be. The Afrocentric man also knows that he possess a key to a gateway – when the right gate and key find each other, all things are possible.


He understands.

Being your natural self should be the most natural thing in the world to do – but the experience of people of color shows how hard this can be to achieve - but it’s not impossible. Your Afrocentric brother will invest, support, inspire and be inspired by you if you want to team up with him to, ‘unplug from the matrix.’


He knows women choose their men.

And he’s okay with it. Being healthy in mind, body, emotions, spirit and culture is an extremely attractive trait and recipe for success, and he knows it. If you dismiss him because you don’t get his lifestyle, he knows nothing has been lost. If you recognize his abilities then he will certainly pay attention to you, but as man, he will choose they type of relationship and if you’re into progressive and conscious relationships that have spiritual growth as the main centerpiece then your gateway may have just they key that opens it! .


Come to #MeetMyTypes: The Matchmaking Event For Conscious Singles on 11.18 Atlanta. #MEETMYTYPES will breakdown the true science of love and introduce you to your most compatible love interests on the spot!

Spaces are Limited. Get Your Tickets Now at - www.AfrocentricSoulMates.com 

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October 4, 2015

#MEETMYTYPES - From NewApproachCoaches.com

Our life-force or vital energy is needed to power and nourish our physical organs as well as the non-physical parts of our being, such as motivation, spirit, mind, emotions, personality, etc. But what part does life force play in our relationships?


Life force is all around us. We absorb it from sunshine, the foods we eat, the air we breathe, the environments we live in and the people we love. Life force is also made up of multiple energy frequencies or layers in the same white light is made up of multiple colors.


When life force enters the body it is down to us to filter it and use the specific frequencies we require in order to maintain our own inner harmony of frequencies. Achieving a full and balanced set of frequencies within you leads to fulfillment, health and plenty of personal power!


Coupling with someone who also has a healthy set of frequencies will create a positive energy surge in both parties, where they will literally feel unstoppable together. There’s will be a relationship of constantly giving and exchanging energies like the surging current between the positive and negative poles of a high powered battery.


Anything less will make you always feel like something is missing from your relationship that you can’t quite put your finger on. Without understanding which specific frequency is missing from yourself or the other person, you will be unable to actively compensate, resulting in blocked expression and failed potential.


Most people stay in these kinds of unbalanced relationships for years never questioning why they are not achieving anything significant either as a couple or as individuals. It is likely the more balanced of the two will have thought about leaving for the sake of their own personal development, but the weaker one hangs on (sometimes known as an energy vampire) as the energy they take from the relationship compensates them to a point they are prepared to settle at.



Starting this October in Atlanta, #MEETMYTYPES will breakdown the true science of love and introduce you to your most compatible love interests on the spot!

Event registration is Free – Signup Today, Places are LIMITED: CLICK HERE FOR YOUR INVITE! or follow this link goo.gl/TbZ9DW

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October 4, 2015

#MEETMYTYPES - From NewApproachCoaches.com

From a personality perspective, everybody is a type and has a type. Authentically uniting with your ‘natural type,’ will bring an accelerated sense of wholeness and balance in your life that most define as self-actualization, a spiritual awakening or deep inner development. Uniting with an ‘unnatural type,’ will usually take more personal adjustment with compromise and may not manifest the full potential of a more ‘natural’ coupling.


Why do we have to have types?

Everything that exists in Nature has an equal and opposite counterparts – think Yin and Yang. Combining with a natural counterpart can help to fulfill or bring you closer to the purpose and natural roles you were born to play. The energy produced from this type of coupling – just like the Yin and Yang – will produce efficient, flowing, and potentially inexhaustible power with very few, if any, leaks. This is why ‘power couples’ are called just that and can achieve much together. It’s all in the natural type matching!


How many types are there?

There are as many human types as there are stars in the sky, but just to keep things manageable, human cultures and traditions over time have created groups and devised compatibility tables so major personality traits can put the right couples in the same ballpark. It is then up to the couples to find out how well they match their minor personality traits through talking, dating and learning about each other.


Is being with an ‘unnatural type’ a bad thing?

No. Your natural counterpart will definitely offer you more synchronicity and balance, but as long as you strive to understand the nature of which ever type you choose, you can create contingency, compromise and adaptability which can lead to an extremely positive and rewarding relationship.


Is being with a ‘natural type’ always a good thing?

No. You can meet a natural type only to find out they are ‘disturbed.’ Being ‘disturbed’ means they are prevented from expressing their true and authentic personality either through choice, physical or mental illness, traumatic events or socio-behavioral conditioning. The innate synchronicity may be felt between two natural and complementary types, yet the actions of the disturbed party creates behavioral disruptions that will put a strain on any relationship creation. 


Is it possible to be more than one type?

Yes. Some of us are ‘X’ or crossover types but not always for the same reasons. Some of us can think like a certain type yet act like another due to conditioning. Some of us will easily change our type expression based on the situation, and others are just simply a natural blend of types simply because it’s just who they are.



Starting this October in Atlanta, #MEETMYTYPES will breakdown the true science of love and introduce you to your most compatible love interests on the spot!

Event registration is Free – Signup Today, Places are LIMITED: CLICK HERE FOR YOUR INVITE! or follow this link goo.gl/TbZ9DW



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packers and movers bangalore    Almost every company that moves offices attempts to do so with absolutely zero disruption to their normal day-to-day business.


A particular objective is often to try and make the relocation as transparent to customers as possible. Clearly, in a highly competitive world, nobody wants things such as customer service standards to fall below acceptable levels simply because you have moved your business from one office to another.


However, it's also important to be practical. While many office removals are entirely successful and prove to have virtually zero disruption to the customer base concerned, it is a reality of life that there sometimes are glitches or things that quite simply 'go wrong'.


So, rather than just hoping for the best and then rushing out piles of excuses and apologies should there be an issue, it is better to try and manage your customers' expectations in advance.


Here are a few tips that you may find useful.


1. Avoid doing nothing on the assumption everything will be fine. Accept that there is always the risk of there being a problem somewhere that might end up being visible to your customers.


2. Communicate to all of your customers in advance, the fact that you will be changing address and if appropriate, phone numbers etc.


packers and movers delhi      In that communication, make a commitment to minimising any changes to the ways they deal with your organisation or your service levels - but avoid issuing unconditional guarantees that nothing will change. That sort of commitment can be hostage to fortune and make you look foolish if it simply doesn't work out that way on the day.


4. Ask for their understanding during what you should state will be a short transition period. In reality, most people are well disposed and they will be prepared to accept the odd delay in getting responses to their emails (etc.) during an office move, providing that the disruptions don't go on for too long and they are already very happy with your normal service levels.


5. Do whatever it takes to ensure that your basic communication systems, such as phones and email, are up and running and thoroughly tested before start of business on your first day in the new location. While customers, particularly if they are forewarned, may accept delays in responding to queries or providing information, they will have very little tolerance for getting no answers to phone calls or being unable to access your website. Speak to your telecoms provider about emergency standby facilities should, against all expectations, you actually have such problems upon arrival in your new premises. Your commercial movers might also be able to offer helpful advice here.


6. Write or otherwise contact your clients to let them know when you are in your new premises and to confirm that the move has gone well. It's a smart PR idea to thank them for their understanding during your relocation even if, in reality, there was no disruption whatsoever to your services.

johnyinfo11 Oct 5 '15 · Comments: 3 · Tags: packers and movers bangalore

packers and movers ghaziabad      Are you shifting to your new home next month? Many of you might need to move to some other city due to job change. A few days ago, my uncle had to shift his office to another place because of frequent theft in his old office area. The very idea of relocating to a new place makes us terrified. We fear how to organize and pack all our belongings on time for a hassle-free movement. Busy couples worry how to manage time and ask for leaves from their boss to pack stuffs. Office shifting or home shifting is not an easy task and requires you to spend a good amount of your precious time and energy. For many it is not their cup of tea to arrange all their valuable goods neatly and then packing them up.


You can cut all your worries and stress by looking for packers and movers operating in your area. These companies have experienced professionals working hard to shift all your belongings from your existing address to a new address. Every city has plenty of packers and movers companies to choose from. However, you should take a wise decision to save your money from getting wasted on a bad company. I have learned from a friend of mine about a company that damaged its customers' valuable items. The company gave excuses and somehow managed to escape without even paying the money for the damage caused.


What you should look for when hiring packers and movers?


packers and movers gurgaon      You should not hire a company that is a startup. A novice company will hardly know how to move things properly. The staffs might damage your belongings when shifting the same. Therefore, a wise decision is to hire an experienced packer and mover company.

    Read the customer reviews before you hire a company to do your shifting work. If you find a company with too many negative reviews, you better avoid dealing with that company. My suggestion is to choose a company with many good or positive reviews. You can check for reviews on the company's website and also on other online comment forums and platforms.

    Find out whether the company you select is willing to pay you money after an accident. It means if the company, while moving your goods, damage any item on road, then the company will pay you for the damage caused. In this way, you can keep your chosen company accountable for every action it does. Moreover, accidents can happen any time; so if any mishap happens, you can hold the company responsible for paying you compensation for misplacement or breaking of you valuable items.

    Talk to your friends and neighbors particular with those who recently shifted to a new place. They will help you get the best and most efficient packers and movers for a trouble-free movement.

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